Community projects – working groups

Groups are currently working on several projects that benefit our community. The projects range from finance to bike repair.

We welcome you to join any of these projects that interest you. To get involved, fill out our form to become a member and tick any of the projects that interest you.

Bike maintenance

With the help of a bike mechanic, we are learning how to fix our bicycles. We have funding to buy bike parts and hope to fix up and distribute some old donated bikes. We hope to learn enough to be able to help others fix their bikes and pass on our new skills in future. 


Lots of time and energy goes into coordinating our activities each week. We have found that a team working together to cover all the tasks is better than one person trying to do everything. Once we created this group, we also found that creativity from different people helped make everything better. The work continues, and there is room for further improvement, so join us and help make sure all the shifts and deliveries are covered.

Donations and business outreach

A lot of the food we distribute comes from donations. We want to create connections with more businesses that can make regular or one-off donations. This it will make our project more sustainable for the long term.  


We are looking into ways to provide education on topics such as sustainability, social justice, health and wellbeing. We welcome anyone who would like to contribute their experience or energy to the project.

Finance and fundraising

We don’t have a lot of money, so we need to be smart about how we spend it. We also need to pay and record expenses systematically, so that we can report to our funders. As we develop into a food co-op or social supermarket, there will be more cash flow. We will need to monitor this closely, in accordance with the law. We also look for ways to secure more funding, so we can support our members better. If you have an interest or expertise in this area, please join us!

Food co-op

We are researching social supermarket and food co-operative models. We are also thinking about our community’s priorities, needs, risks and potential. We want to make Pie N Mash more sustainable and less dependent on funding. We also want to provide the people we support with more choice over the food they take home. We would like to buy more environmentally friendly and socially just foods. We hope to move to this new model in March 2021, when our current funding comes to an end. 

Food preservation

Sometimes we get a large quantity of fresh fruit or veg and it starts to go off before we have a chance to distribute it. This group is working to stop good food going to waste. We use techniques such as pickling, fermenting, drying, juicing and making jams. We have funding to buy food preservation equipment to create a community resource. Join this group to get involved and learn from each other!


We run a regular gardening session every Sunday at The Field in New Cross. You are welcome to come along and learn about growing food, plants and composting in an urban setting. It’s a great chance to relax and rejuvenate!

Library of tools

We want to build a communal collection of basic tools for people to use for DIY projects. We already have some tools which members of the project are happy to share, and some money to buy tools. We need to find a safe place to keep this library of tools. Help us develop the idea and find it a home.

Make n Mash – creative outreach

Our group is exploring food, heritage, identity and community through arts and crafts. We send out arts packages from the The Field, and run informal drawing and photography workshops. We plan to organise a carnival and an exhibition of what we’ve created. We welcome you to join our group and help us develop creative projects that will bring our members and wider community together.

Check out the calendar for future events. We also welcome you to:


Are you a budding illustrator, a poet, or writer? No? It doesn’t matter! We think everyone has something worth sharing. Our newsletter brings together stories, experiences, political analysis and creative contributions.

Reading group

This group meets at 5pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month. To join fill in the form above.

We read short texts about revolutionary theory, alternative democratic structures, and anti-capitalist and radical thought. We develop utopian visions of the world and society. We explore ways of putting theory into practice in Pie N Mash and in our lives.

Starting in April 2021, we’ll be working through a study guide to Dean Spade’s book Mutual Aid. If you lack the funds to buy the book, Pie N Mash can provide a digital copy. The study guide is available online.

Our draft schedule is:

  • 13 April: The opening section and ‘What is Mutual Aid’ Part 1
  • 11 May: ‘What is Mutual Aid’ Part 2
  • 8 June: Part 3 ‘Working Together On Purpose’
  • 13 July: Part 4 ‘Working Together On Purpose’
  • 10 August: Part 5 ‘Pitfalls and Conclusion’


This group is developing safeguarding policies and procedures to keep us all safe. We are developing a clear system for people to raise issues and give feedback. This should mean we can pick up on problems quickly, and resolve them successfully.

Social media and communication

Help improve our internal and external communication, and our social media presence. We want to share what we are doing, reach new people and build our community.


Help us maintain and develop this website, and keep it up to date!