Community projects & working groups

We welcome you to join any of these projects and groups that interest you. To get involved, fill out our form to become a member and tick any of the projects that interest you.

Bike maintenance

We are currently looking for someone to set up a regular Dr Bike.


Lots of time and energy goes into coordinating our activities each week. We also call these the ‘remote roles’ because they can be done from home. These include monitoring our emails and phone, contacting volunteers to check who will do what roles each week, and updating who will be getting parcels each week.

Donations and business outreach

A lot of the food we distribute comes from donations. We want to create connections with more businesses that can make regular or one-off donations.


If you want to offer a training or info session, make the offer and it can happen.

Finance and fundraising

We don’t have a lot of money, so we need to be smart about how we spend it. We are always looking for fundraising opportunities and can show you how to fill in a fundraising application. You can also learn how we do our expenses and accounting so you can help manage this.


We run a regular gardening session every Sunday at The Field in New Cross. You are welcome to come along and learn about growing food, plants and composting in an urban setting. It’s a great chance to relax and rejuvenate!

Library of tools

In 2022 we plan to open a library of tools that people in the community can borrow. If you want to help with this, tell someone else in the group.


Are you a budding illustrator, a poet, or writer, join the newsletter message group and start contributing. Our newsletter comes out once or twice a month and brings together stories, experiences, political analysis and creative contributions.


This group is developing safeguarding policies and procedures to keep us all safe. We are developing a clear system for people to raise issues and give feedback. This should mean we can pick up on problems quickly, and resolve them successfully.

Website & Communications

Help us maintain and develop this website and keep it up to date and manage our social media presence.

Past projects

Food preservation

Sometimes we get a large quantity of fresh fruit or veg and it starts to go off before we have a chance to distribute it. This group is working to stop good food going to waste. We use techniques such as pickling, fermenting, drying, juicing and making jams. We have funding to buy food preservation equipment to create a community resource. Join this group to get involved and learn from each other!

Reading group

We used to monthly to discuss short texts about revolutionary theory, alternative democratic structures, and anti-capitalist and radical thought. We develop utopian visions of the world and society. We explored ways of putting theory into practice in Pie N Mash and in our lives.

Find out more here

Make n Mash – creative outreach

Our group is exploring food, heritage, identity and community through arts and crafts. We send out arts packages from the The Field, and run informal drawing and photography workshops. We plan to organise a carnival and an exhibition of what we’ve created. We welcome you to join our group and help us develop creative projects that will bring our members and wider community together.

Check out the calendar for future events. We also welcome you to: