Help run our food stalls

We give out free cooked meals and other food from our weekly stalls. These are:

People don’t only come to our stalls for food – it’s a social experience as well. You’re welcome to come along just to chat and meet new people.

If you want to help us run the stalls, first fill out our form to become a member. Members can sign up to help by using the “Food Stalls” tab on our Signup Zone.

If you’d like to find out more, come along one week and say hi. We can chat over a coffee about how you could help us out.

Sort food and bring it to the square

First, we clean and sort food donations at The Field. For example, we sort pastry donations into smaller bags, so people can pick out what they want more easily.

Two people with bikes and trailers collect food from The Field and ride to the square together. We can provide a bike trailer if you don’t have one. Two people fill our tea urns with hot water and bring them to the square. We also collect hot food from other restaurants and shops nearby.

Set up and run the stall

We collect our table and set up the stall. A couple of people wear hi-vis jackets and act as stewards, to help maintain social distancing. They put tape on the ground to show people where to stand and make sure the queue is safely organised.

Due to Covid-19 we can’t let people to pick food out of the crates themselves. We ask the people at the front of the queue what they would like, then pack a bag for them. We also make teas and coffees for people using the urns of hot water.