Collect food donations

Every week we source food for our packages and stalls. Members collect food donations from across south east London. We also go shopping for food, and rescue food that would otherwise go to waste.

To get involved, first fill out our form to become a member. Members can sign up for these opportunities using the “Collect food donations” tab on our Signup Zone.

Skipping in Deptford, Peckham, Dulwich, Blackheath and Charlton

One to three hours from 9.30pm on Mondays

Help us rescue good quality food that would otherwise go to waste from supermarket bins. Most shops close at 10pm so we tend to go out around this time. We take the food we find back to The Field and wash it.

Sometimes, the universe provides exactly the items we need most. Sometimes (thankfully rarely), we don’t find anything. But it’s always fun, and often amazing how much great food we find. Volunteers can take some things home too.

We have a dedicated WhatsApp chat for skipping. We use it to organise when and where to go, depending on the weather, and people’s energy and locations.

Collect donations from The Felix Project and Evelyn Community Store in Deptford

Noon to 2pm on Tuesdays 

Collect food donations from The Felix Project distribution centre and Evelyn Community Store in Deptford, and deliver to The Field. This job needs a car as it’s a lot of food.

Buy fruit and veg from New Covent Garden Market

Two hours from 4.30am on Wednesdays 

Ooh this is an early one! But also a great way to use the wheeler-dealer part of your personality! Get picked up (or if you’ve done it before, pick up someone else and lead the trip). Go to New Covent Garden Market. With around £30 to spend, try to get the best deals on a good variety of fruit and veg for our food packages and veg co-op.

Collect bread donations from Borough Market

5pm on Wednesdays 

Talk with the coordinator at The Field to see what we need. Collect food from Plan Z heroes, a charity that gathers all the unsold food from Borough Market. Bring it back to The Field on Wednesday afternoon. Quantities vary, so you may need a big bag and a bike rack or trailer, or to go in a pair. 

Collect surplus donations from Catford and Brockley Co-ops

9pm Mondays (Brockley) and 9.30pm Wednesdays (Catford)

Pick up surplus food donated by the Co-op supermarkets in Catford and Brockley. Bring it to The Field on Tuesday or Thursday (from midday). Quantities vary, so you may need a big bag and a bike rack or trailer, or to go in a pair. 

Deptford Market

11.30am Wednesdays

Collect fresh fruit and veg for food parcels and our co-op project. You will need a car.

Collect surplus donations from Tesco Express on Lewisham Way

7 to 10am on Thursdays

Pick up surplus food donated by Tesco Express on Lewisham Way on Thursday morning. Bring it to The Field (from midday) or straight to Deptford Library Square at 2pm.