Get involved

Everything Pie N Mash does relies on work done by the members of our community.

There are loads of ways to contribute. You can give anything from one hour of your time upwards. You can help out on a regular basis, or whenever you have time to spare.

To get involved, please fill in our form to become a member, and we will get in touch with you.

Help with our food packages and food stalls

Lots of work goes into running our weekly food packages and food stalls. Members of our community:

To get involved, first fill in our form to become a member. Members can sign up for these opportunities using our Signup Zone.

Work on our community projects

As Pie N Mash developed, we soon realised that working in small groups was a good way to come up with and discuss ideas. In September 2020 we received funding from the London Community Response fund. This gave us an opportunity to develop more ideas in a collaborative way.

Groups are currently working on several projects that benefit our community. The projects range from finance to bike repair. Find out more about our community projects.

We welcome you to join any of our projects that interest you. To get involved, fill out our form to become a member and tick any of the projects that interest you.

These projects build and strengthen relationships within our community. Members also gain skills, confidence and enjoyment through working together.

Help coordinate our activities

As a community of equals, we want everyone to get involved in running the group’s activities. We need people to help others take part in activities, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

We provide support to help members learn to coordinate activities. For simpler roles, you shadow a coordinator for one week, then coordinate the next week. For more complex roles, you shadow for two weeks before being ready to coordinate by yourself.